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Kamaus© Oil, developed by Winwright Corporation, is a natural emu oil proven to be stable and rich in essential fatty acids, or otherwise known as EFA’s.

Tests show that this quality oil produces no irritation to the eyes or skin, or any signs of being comedogenic at a 100% concentration level. Formulators use Kamaus Oil in products, either in pure form or by incorporating the oil into existing formulas, to add benefits to their creations, including an increased level of penetration of the skin and a decrease of greasiness, typical of other oils.


Winwright products carry the seal of quality by being produced from formulas created by one of the nation’s leading cosmetic chemist, who also was the first chemist in the United States to develop products using emu oil.


Our Kamaus Oil is available in bulk or smaller quantities, depending on your needs.

Please contact us with any questions. 


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